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39% of buyers are overwhelmed

B2B buying has become very complex and difficult. It’s nearly unnavigable without a significant amount of help.

Let us help you 😀

Sellers who make buying easy are
62% more likely to win.

Pathwaze gives you the ability to guide your buyers through the complexities that precede a purchase.

check list with chat conversations
How Pathwaze Works
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Map the Journey

Map out next steps to create ownership and drive urgency.

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Share Content

Keep requested files or relevant content under one roof.

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Answer Questions

Upload answers to your buyer’s questions.

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Add Buying Group

Share with the buying group to reach consensus faster.


"Pathwaze gives me more visibility than ever before into my team's pipeline. It has helped us close deals quicker and be more accurate with forecasting by mapping out next steps."

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- Alex Buchanan, VP Sales


"This is truly a differentiator and sets me apart from my competitors! Pathwaze makes the evaluation process so much easier for my buyers. It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it!"

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- T.J. Bain, Sr. Account Executive


"My rep used Pathwaze. It was extremely helpful to keep everything organized and on track. It was so easy to share with my colleagues as we went through the approval process."

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- Dan Openshaw, Buyer